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"Autumn Meadow" - Elk by Dan D'Amico, an wildlife painting of a bull elk and three cow elk in autumn.
"Sammie" by Dan D'Amico, a dog portrait painting.
"Spring Pasture" by Dan D'Amico, a landscape painting of a flooded pasture at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.
Wildlife Gallery 1
Wildlife Gallery 2
Pet Portraits
Rural Scenes
"Woodchip" by Dan D'Amico, a wildlife painting of a chipmunk atop a pile of firewood in winter.
Wildlife Gallery 3
"High Country Ranch" by Dan D'Amico, a triptych landscape painting with an archtop on the center panel, depicting a high country horse ranch in the Rocky Mountains.
Multi Panel Paintings
"Rocky Mountain Monarch" by Dan D'Amico, a wildlife painting of a large bull elk bugling against a beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape in Big Sky country.
"Dusk" by Dan D'Amico, a wildlife painting of an elk herd in Rocky Mountain National Park at dusk.  Beautiful layered colors, archtop gold frame
Wildlife Gallery 4
"Pelican Valley" by Dan D'Amico, a Plein Air landscape painting
Plein Air
"Memorial Day" by Dan D'Amico, an Americana painting depicting an empty chair on the front porch of a house, with an American flag and flower baskets.
Gardens and Americana
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"Chickadees in Currant" by Dan D'Amico, a wildlife painting